Men's/Women’s Study

A verse-by-verse study of Galatians, with an emphasis on salvation by grace through faith. The study is open to men, women, and teens.      

This week Galatians 1:11.                                        

Wednesday Evening's during Awana - 6:30-8 PM

Held in the Upper Garage and led by Dave Neff

Women's Bible Studies

The Women’s Bible studies at Derwood Bible Studies are doctrinally sound and life changing. We meet together to study God’s Word and in doing so, we draw closer to Him and each other. At any given time during the year, we have several studies going on. We come together to laugh, cry, be vulnerable with each other and build friendships, We see Jesus’ hand on our lives as we study and pray for each other during the week.


Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11 AM, in the old building sanctuary, Kimberly Guy leads.

Please join us as we walk through 2 Corinthians beginning March 20th for 8 weeks. 

We will be led through the book of 2 Corinthians to discover how Paul's encouragement to the believers in Corinth challenges the church today. As new creations in Christ, we are to spread the message of Jesus' grace, comfort, and generosity with the world. In the way we live and as He works through our lives, we must boldly declare: He makes all things new! We need to remember that if we lose our hearts for the people around us, we've lost the purpose of ministry! 

I have several books available, they will be given to whomever lets me know that they would like to join us! 

I look forward to having you in the study with us ~ please contact Kimberly Guy at 301-987-0831 or if you would like to join the study! 


Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 PM, in a classroom on the lower level of the old building, Diane Kummer leads.

The current session through the Psalms will continue through March 20th.  Ladies, you may jump in and out at the end of a session as your schedules allow, because each session would be pretty autonomous.

Join us for the next session of Ladies Bible study as we continue to work our way through the book of Psalms.  The new 5 week session begins on April 24 and ends on May 22. The class meets on Tuesdays from 7-8:30 in one of the classrooms on the lower level of the old church building.  

Order your own book, Praising God through Prayer and Worship, by Kay Arthur, and we will continue the study by covering lesson 17 on April 24.  During this 5 week session, we will cover Psalms 98-119.  

It's no problem if you are jumping into the middle of Psalms!  If you've never before studied the Bible, or if you are a veteran student of the Word, this study is for you!  Questions?  Contact Diane Kummer at 240-672-7580 or to let her know you plan to join the study.


Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM, in the lower room of the garage building, Erika Osborne leads.

The next Wed. night study will be starting at the end of March, please contact Erika Osborn at 301-774-7635 or for more information.


Our prayer is that all of you will find a study that speaks to you and since we have several different studies meeting on different days and times, that one of these will work with your schedule. 

For more information, or to sign up, email:


Men’s Bible Studies

Iron will sharpen iron as we dive into the depths of God’s Word.  Come join a group of men committed to honoring God in their lives through meaningful fellowship, study of God’s Word, and prayer.

Training Faithful Men
Join us as we meet early in the morning to follow Christ. Currently studying the book of James. Coffee and donuts are provided. Tuesday mornings, 6:30–7:30 am in the old sanctuary.

Thursday Men's Study
Thursday Evenings, 7:00–9:00 pm in the lower room next to the church office. Currently studying Malachi. 

Feasting on God's Word
Saturday mornings 8-9:30 am, in the lower room next to the church office. Bring your own breakfast and enjoy good fellowship and a chance to study and discuss some of the more challenging questions of our faith.

For more information please contact the DBC office

ACE (Adult Christian Education)

Sunday Mornings from 8:45-9:45 am in the old building. New classes will begin in the fall.